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Windscreen Replacements & Repairs

The crack in your windscreen that was once a small chip appears to be spreading, but you still have a good view of the road ahead so you decide that it doesn't need fixing yet.

But keep in mind that chips and cracks can weaken a windscreen and can obscure a driver's view of the road AND THIS IS ILLEGAL AS WELL AS UNSAFE!

On modern vehicles, windscreens also play a key role in the overall structural strength of a car. A damaged windscreen could lessen the ability of the windscreen to protect the vehicle's occupants in a collision or rollover accident.

In most cases, a simple repair will not only save you hundreds of dollars but will do so without compromising the integrity of your factory fitted windscreen.

New vehicle windscreens are fitted to vehicles during the manufacturing process before any interior and exterior trim is added. This ensures that optimum sealing is achieved and that an even frame tension holds the screen in place. A replacement windscreen seal can never match the original and may even lead to leaking and possible further cracking later on if it has not been fitted correctly by a fully trained windscreen technician.

At times it will be necessary to replace your windscreen when it is beyond repairing, but Robbie at Island Coast Radiators & Windscreens will be able to recommend to you your best options.

Offering you the complete windscreen solution we supply:

  • Windscreens

  • Side and rear windows

  • Car Mirrors

  • New & Used parts

  • Windscreen wipers

  • Rubbers & Surrounds

  • Door seals and

  • Hard to find windscreens to suit all models

 These can all be fitted to:

  • Cars

  • Trucks

  • Buses

  • Boats

  • Trains etc.

All repairs & replacements preformed by the qualified staff at Island Coast are guaranteed  to  be at the Australian Standard AS2366.

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